We only allow one member in each category. Prospective members can identify both a Primary & a Secondary category but, if someone wishes to join and their Primary category will conflict with the Secondary category of another member, then the active member must refrain from advertising their Second category services. For example, a AAA Printing chose Printing as their Primary category and Graphic Design as a Secondary category, someone could apply to the club and select Graphic Design as their Primary category. To join there is a $25.00 application fee which must be submitted along with the first half dues of $125.00. Dues are $250.00  annually or $125 semi-annually. There are no weekly fees, but members are required to buy at least coffee for breakfast and will be charged at least that much, even if they do not take the coffee. There may be situations or events that call for additional voluntary fees for our participation. After acceptance as a member you are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of the weekly meetings each quarter. Failure to meet attendance requirements or to pay dues in a timely fashion will result in the member not being listed in the Group brochure or other advertisements. This could also lead to the member being terminated from the club and their category being opened to someone else in their line of business.


The benefits of being a member are primarily the referrals passed among the members, member discounts, a listing in the club brochure that members distribute and display in their stores, and advertising. Various means of advertising have been used including the Observer, The Corrales Comment, The Chamber Newsletter and the Rivers Edge Homeowners Newsletter, and we have a website that will be advertised as well.


As the name implies, the Group was established for the purpose of sharing referrals but, we also share information about new developments and issues that affect business in the community.


We start our meetings by having each member stand and present a 30 to 60 second introduction and commercial for their business. This is the time to let everyone know what your business is all about and to introduce “specials” or discounts that you may want to promote. Remember that we have only 10 minutes to allow all members in attendance to present their commercials. Please be brief and to the point.


At the end of the meeting we allot time for referrals and/or “thank-you’s”. This time can be used for announcing any new referrals you may have for another member or to thank them for referrals received. Everyone should remember to share the results (good or bad) of a referral they were given. This is good practice to encourage more referrals and to provide feedback to the originator, so that members will learn how to generate good referrals on your behalf. You may also use this time to make announcements to share information about organizations, community events or functions of general interest to the club. Please remember that we have only 10 minutes for everyone present to do referrals, “thank you’s’”, and announcements. Be brief and to the point.


A speaker rotation list will be used to ensure that all club members are given equal opportunity to speak. Two members will be allotted fifteen minutes apiece during each meeting to share information about their business so members can offer useful referrals. On the third meeting of the month, only one speaker will be assigned to allow time for a Board Meeting that follows immediately afterwards. Dismissal of the general meeting will be fifteen minutes early on that day only. Once a quarter, a guest speaker will be scheduled to address the club at a general meeting for a thirty minute timeframe. The guest speaker may be someone who provides special information or other benefits for members.


We only allow one member from each business category, and we require members that new members identify a Primary business category and a Secondary business category on their application. The intent is to allow for greater membership and to minimize conflicts among members. When you wish to invite a guest, we ask that you clear the request with the membership chairperson to avoid potential conflicts and embarrassment to the invited guest.


To remain a member in good standing we require members to attend 75% of the membership meetings and to have their dues paid no later than the third week of each quarter. Reminders are sent monthly to members whose attendance is lacking. This allows them time to remedy the situation before the end of a quarter. Failure to meet these requirements eliminates your listing in the Group brochure and any advertising done by the Group. It may also result in termination from the Group. Every member receives a supply of brochures for counter displays in their stores, or as a hand out to customers and clients. Brochures are also placed in the information rack at the Rio Rancho Chamber office. The Group allows for excused absences when you inform an officer or Board member in advance of meetings. We also allow for Leave of Absence up to 60 days per year for extenuating circumstances. Requests for Leave of Absence must be in writing and dated for Board action.


For prospective members, we ask that you submit a $25.00 application fee and 35.00 quarterly dues for consideration for membership. Dues are discounted $20.00 when paid Annually. We also require that you attend at least three meetings before the board will vote on your membership application. We do this to allow members to get acquainted with you and to allow for feedback regarding potential conflicts with other members. Also, it allows for investigation of adverse publicity that may have circulated in the community about you. It is extremely important to members that they be able to refer your services with confidence and that you practice great ethics & financial integrity. We also ask that concerns of questionable business practices on the part of any member be brought to the attention of the President or Board Members for investigation. We are all judged by the company we keep!


If you invite a guest and they become a member, we will discount your dues $10.00 upon your renewal. Please remind the Treasurer when your dues are due. All Guests will have their breakfast paid for by the Group for the Guest’s first visit only.